There is few ressources on the internet about Rotring’s product. Here is a selection of useful links :


Rotring Facebook

Rotring Youtube

Rotring Pinterest

Rotring Instagram

The Clicky Post
Very good blog about pen, pencil, papers. Mostly high-end reviews of products with a good selection of Rotring tools. Great photos too.

Daves Mechanical Pencils
A very good selection of quality reviews of various Rotring tools.

Leadholder – The Dratfing Pencil Museum
Haven’t been updated for years, but still a very impressive collection of pencils. As of April 2016, the website is offline, and even the domain name is for sale…

Pen Review Corner
The most stunning and well-documented post about Tintenkuli on the web.
Really worth a check.

La Cerveza de Marc
A fantastic website [in Spanish] about drafting and writing tools. Here’s the direct link to the page dedicated to Rotring, but you should really dig around.


A great and very funny blog, with extensive test about mostly fineliner pens. The guy has a slight fondness for Rotring product. French language but a must see anyway

Xavier Casalta
Stunning typography works with just a 0.1 mm Isograph

Alazaat Views
A great blog about Arabic calligraphy and design by Hussein Alazaat, a designer and typographer from Jordan. He’s a fan of Rotring stuff too. If you want some expert calligraphy works you should paid a visit…


It’ hard to recommend a shop of vintage Rotring, however this one is really top-notch. Well supplied with first class pens and a second to none customer service, this association of 4 sellers is my number 1 choice when it comes to vintage Rotring pens (they also sale incredible fountain pens). You should really give it a try, and as a bonus the « database » section on their website is a great source of informations. PS : I have no business connections with this shop.


2 réflexions sur “Links

  1. Hi, I’m also a rOtring fan, I have a great collection and a blog.
    I’m trying to find Rotring 600 history, but it’s so hard, I wonder if you have some info about…
    Regarding the opener letter, did you bought it on eBay? Because I sold one there.


    • Hi Kenzzu, Thanks for your interest in my blog. I will be very pleased to see your blog, could you give me the address? Regarding the 600 letter opener I bought it from an ex-Rotring sales representative. The 600 history is a complex story but you can found some interring infos on the net [check my link pages]. Best regards


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