Various Rotring Fountain pens

Various Rotring Fountain pens
Ref. : Various
Production Date : 1960’s to 1990’s

Fountain pens ! Fountain pens ! Fountain pens ! I’m frequently asked to showcase more Rotring fountain pens. The thing is, I’m not particularly into the writing stuff but much more into drawing / dratfing tools.

However, I know there is much more interest in fountain pens among collectors than in drawing items, so I’ve decided to showcase some of my Rotring fountain pens, at least the ones I’ve got at hand – others are stored in a remote location. My idea was to quickly publish a post that doesn’t ask me too much time in research, verifications, checking reference materials… and to showcase a maximum of pens in the shortest possible time. I deliberately avoid the 600 line, which is amply documented on the web and concentrate on more obscure pens.

So here is a collection of 13 Rotring fountain pens, vaguely classified by date, from the mid-1960’s to the 1990’s. I’ve acquired these pens mostly among bulk lot along the years. I have not named them nor add additional informations, but I’ve numbered the images, so if you want to have more infos about one specific pen, it will be more easy to identified.

Fountain Pen 1

Fountain Pen 2

Fountain Pen 3

Fountain Pen 4

Fountain Pen 5

Fountain Pen 6

Fountain Pen 7

Fountain Pen 8

Fountain Pen 9

Fountain Pen 10

Fountain Pen 11

Fountain Pen 12

Fountain Pen 13


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