Rotring 600 Fountain pen – Gold-plated prototype

Rotring 600 Fountain pen – Gold-plated prototype
Ref. : No ref.
Production Date : 1990’s

This post will deal with one of the rarest item in my collection. I’m not very found of fountain-pen, I’m much more into technical pens, but I known this one will surely meet great interest among the 600 lovers. I have never seen another one like this and this is likely one of the rarest Rotring item at all.

This Gold-plated Rotring 600 Fountain pen is a prototype made by the Rotring R&D department during the 1990’s to test some new finishes on their 600 fountain pen. I acquired this pen years ago from a former R&D senior member who worked there for more than 30 years. This clearly established this pen as a true genuine Rotring product, and not a counterfeit item.

The pen in itself have nothing particular, this is clearly a standard 600 fountain pen with a medium nib. Every feature is regular 600 features. What made it truly exceptional is of course the unique gold-plated finishe. These pens where produced in very very low number (less than 10 probably – my contact is not sure) to check the opportunity to mass-produced them. My contact doesn’t told me why they were not eventually launched on the market, but the truth is that they remain as a prototype and are therefore extremely rare.

I also acquired 4 beautiful Rotring 700 prototype (still some finishes tests), that will be the subject of another post.

So here’s 20 detailed photos for all Rotring 600 aficionados, enjoy !



















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    • Hi Julie,
      I’ve seen a very skeptical comment form « Tombstone » on pen I can’t read German so maybe automatic translation was incorrect, but mr. « Tombstone » seems to doubt about the accuracy of what I announced… If you don’t mind, could you please tell him to contact me via my blog. I’d like to clarify some points with him. Thanks in advance !


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