Rotring 2000 Isograph Zeigestab

Rotring 2000 Isograph Zeigestab
Ref. : 931 200
Production Date : 1980

This unusual device has been produced by Rotring in 1980 among the Rotring 2000 Isograph line. At first sight, it looks like a classic 2000 Isograph, except for the blank color code on the nib holder and top cap. Even when opened it still look familiar, but when in hand it come surprisingly heavy.

« Zeigestab » can be roughly translate to « pointer ». « Zeiges » means « show it » or « to show ». The tip of the nib is mounted on a telescopic device, similar to the one used in old transistor radios, and can reach 430 mm when fully deployed. I guess this « pen » was destined to teachers, trainers and everyone who needs to point out something easily.

I pictured the back of the box for reference and because it feature one interesting indication about the ISO 128 norm, saying that this line of pens is « in preparation ». The Rotring 2000 Isograph line has been issued in 1980, precisely to conform to the ISO 128 norm, and thus expand the line thickness of the « regular » Rotring 2000 line. So I’m not sure what this indication really mean. May be the Zeigestab was issued a bit before the 2000 Isograph line. It’s also interesting to note that the serial number of the Zeigestab does not fit in the serial number system of the 2000 Isograph line (which is 151 XXX).

Rotring Zeigestab-1

Rotring Zeigestab-2

Rotring Zeigestab-3

Rotring Zeigestab-4

Rotring Zeigestab-5

Rotring Zeigestab-6

Rotring Zeigestab-7

Rotring Zeigestab-8

Rotring Zeigestab-9

Rotring Zeigestab-10


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