Rotating Display

Rotating Display
Ref. : No Ref. [Promotional Item]
Production Date : 1966 / 1967

I came upon this strange promotional item on the inmost depths of some German second hand stuff website. A small and blurry picture, a laconic description and a low talkative seller. In fact I didn’t know exactly what I was buying but the price was low so I decided to take a chance and grab the stuff. I received this so cool rotating display.

The item was clearly designed for retailler. It’s a plastic box, built with very thin (and quite fragile) sheet of plastic. It’s almost 40 cm height, so this is no small thing. There’s a little electrical motor hidden in the base, which rotate the disc inserted in the big protuberant red ring. This disk came blank so I can’t tell what was supposed to be displayed on it.

I have a very nice ad – dating from 1966 – that use exactly the same typeface that is used on the box. It’s a kind of ultra-condensed Helvetica. Rotring didn’t use this typeface much for his advertisements (I only have two of them) and they both date from 1966 / 1967, so I think it would match fairly well. That’s also why I tend to think this stuff date from this era.

The build quality is not very good and the device remain quite fragile. The axle was bent and I have to fix some electrical wires but the stuff was in decent condition. There’s no inscriptions to be found, even the motor as no electrical specifications or ref. number, so I can’t tell about the origin of this device. I think the motor base has been repaired / reinforced by a previous owner, because it look a bit « do it yourself »… Anyway, I was very very pleased when plugging the box, to see that it works perfectly!

Rotating Display 1

Rotating Display 2

Rotating Display 3

Rotating Display 4


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