Tikk Kuli

Tikk Kuli
Ref. : 0311
Production Date : Late 1950’s

This little ball-point pen is a simple but very effective offering. This was the standard Rotring ball-point offer in the late 1950’s – Eary 1960’s. It came in a variety of colors, and so far I have identified the following ones : Black, White, Red, Blue, Beige, Green, Grey, Light Grey. The instruction notice claims that there were 4 designs on the Tikk-Kuli line : Standard, Chrom, Eloxal and Luxus. In addition there were also a 4 colors line of Tikk-Kuli [see ad at the end of this post], but this is clearly another kind of pens.

The pen measure 124 mm long and is mostly a (very strong) plastic affair, with brass mechanism. The clip is a solid piece of brass too. It came with the black / yellow rotting box designed mostly for writing tools (the black / white one was for drafting tools). Earlier models came with the Tintenkuli style box, and will be the subject of another post. It is clearly identified and numbered on one side of the box. The « schw. » writing beside the reference number means « black » referring to the color of the pen. It appears on a publicity ad dated 1956 [see at the end of this post]

The build quality is top-notch and although very simple the design is really sound. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and it’s a very comfortable pen albeit a bit small. The classic colors (black / red / gold), the elegant design and the compact size makes this roller-ball a real winner! If someone have more informations about this tiny pen, please share…

Tikk Kuli 1

Tikk Kuli 2

Tikk Kuli 3

Tikk Kuli 4

Tikk Kuli 5

Tikk Kuli 6

Tikk Kuli 7

Tikk Kuli 8

Tikk Kuli 9

Tikk Kuli 10

Tikk Kuli 11

Tikk Kuli 12

Tikk Kuli 13

Tikk Kuli 14

Tikk-Kuli Notice 1

Tikk-Kuli Notice 2

Pub Tikk-Kuli2


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