Tikky Liner

Tikky Liner

Ref. : Pens
0.3 mm : S0919070
0. 5 mm : S0919080
0.7 mm : S0919090

Ref. : Refills
Refills gel ink, black : S0919110
Refills gel ink, black : S0919120
Refills gel ink, black : S0919130

Production Date : July 2010 to 2012 / 2013

The Tikky Liner was a short lived line of pens. Launched in July 2010, they were discontinued in the 2013 catalog. There were three thickness available : 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7 mm. This pen is a kind of luxurious Xonox/Tikky Graphic offering. It’s a metal pen with barrel & cap – satin chrome plated. It comes with a waved, transparent grip zone that allows level control of the ink. The needlepoint tip is very sharp and precise and the refills are gel ink technology.

Although not a great pen, it’s a quite good offering. The build quality is good, except for the transparent grip area with is of very cheap not so transparent plastic, but a little blurry, and with a very prominent molding line. The grip is nevertheless very comfortable and the writing sensations are good. I don’t think this line of pens meets a lot of success as they lasted only three years in the Rotring offering, but they deserve more than that. Rotring claim them as « perfect for daily writing and drawing use » which is where the problem is I think. They cannot choose between a drawing tool and a writing tool, so they ended up with a « rare bird » that doesn’t satisfied anyone. Except for the transparent zone, the Tikky Liner has a solid well balanced design that could have been improved to a very good platform. I think they missed a good opportunity to develop a superb line of pens.

We can considered the Tikky Liner as a transition pen. In 2010, after the very dark years following the acquisition of Rotring by Sanford  and years of mediocre an un-inspired pens productions (remember the Rotring Core ) this was quite an improvement, and a signal that Newell Rubbermaid was on his way to rebuild Rotring’s credibility, they re-launched the 600 series the just after stoping the Tikky Liner in 2013.

Tikky LIner 1

Tikky LIner 2

Tikky LIner 3

Tikky LIner 4

Tikky LIner 5

Tikky LIner 6

Tikky LIner 7

Tikky LIner 8

Tikky LIner 9


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