Pressure Bulb

Pressure Bulb
Ref. : 741 905
Production Date : Late 1970’s / Early 1980’s to circa 1994

There’s an old drafter’s trick for starting tubular point pens after a night of a few days. First you shake it well back and forth, then you place it between your lips ands you suck up the nibs to remove any dry ink. Of course you ended up with black tooth and tongue ( I would not recommend doing it with nibs larger than 0,3 because the ink flow is way too important and you really drink ink… which taste disgusting I can confirm 🙂

To remedy this situation Rotring came up with this little accessory they have the secret of. Basically it’s a pump. The soft plastic red part is toped by a special nozzle. You just have to place the end of your nib in the nozzle and pump up the thing to make it work. But wait, there ’s more… It also have a double action. If you remove the transparent nozzle, you can use it to push out the ink from your pen and clean it. Rotring recommend to clean it in water or with their special cleaning fluids.

I don’t have the retail box for this one, but was fortunate enough to have the instruction sheet, considering I saw it only once for sale (and grab it, of course). I have trouble dating this product. It only appears in two of my catalogs (1990 and 1994 – German edition), but the Rotring logo printed on the instruction sheets if the version that was dropped after 1981, so this item was clearly produced before 1981. I’ve added the page of the 1994 German catalog dipsplaying the Pressure Bulb at the end of this post.

The most amazing thing is that there’s even a video where you can see the pressure bulb in action. It’s the Koo-I-Noor version, but as the intro of the video clearly shows, it’s a Rotring product. Here’s the link for the video:

Pressur Bulb 1

Pressur Bulb 2

Pressur Bulb 3

Pressur Bulb 4

Pressur Bulb 5

Pressur Bulb 6

Pressur Bulb 7

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Une réflexion sur “Pressure Bulb

  1. now this is rather strange since I have one and bought it from Amazon, it’s still being made by Kooh I Noor if I’m correct:

    I don’t EVER recommend sucking the nib with your mouth- EVER. What I do, from time to time, is to wet the tip of my finger and then use that to run on the nib, this should start the ink flow. If the ink is not flowing you a more serious problem and sucking it won’t solve anyway. I do this with my 0.1mm – 0.3mm pens and it’s fine and I only ever had to do this when I’ve miss treated my pens, shaking them to restart has worked most of the time.

    The Kooh I Noor product is probably tied to rotring and you’ll see that it’s a plotter point in the illustration that is being use, and also in the photo too. Kooh I Noor still seems to be around although they don’t do plotter points anymore, they still make this bulb and the rapidoeze cleaning solution which works great – although you got to be careful since it can corrode some plotter point platings etc.


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