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From 1953 to 1998, Rotring created no less than 14 major lines of technical pens, some of them reaching iconic status such as the original Rapidograph, the Variant or the Isograph. In an extensive – and to my knowledge – unseen series of articles, I will be detailing and documenting this amazing story. More than 300 pens will be dissected, photographed, cataloged, with a lot of extra « bonus » such as official publicity, extract from Rotring’s catalog and a comprehensive listing of every pens with their serial number, etc…

So far more than 30 extensive post are planned to fulfill this pharaonic task, so stay tuned to UnofficialRotring in 2016 !!


3 réflexions sur “Coming Soon

  1. Hello! I am glad there is someone else who appreciate Rotring more than me! I am quite fond of fountain pens myself and since the beginning I loved collecting Rotring pens. However (and thank God) they produced so many fountain pens and some of them I am not able to recognize. Please take a look at this link whenever you want, maybe you could recognize some of the pens that I am not able to name. Best Regards


    • Hello Zeynep
      Thanks for your interest in my blog. I’ve read your very interesting post about Rotring fountain pen, but I’m afraid I will be of little help. I’m nt a fountain pen specialist (much more into technical drawing), but I’ve got the models #2 and #4 that you’ve displayed in your post. I have several other « unidentified » Rotring fountain pens from the 1960’s and 1970’s and i’m struggling to find informations about them. Rotring doesn’t seems to publicized them much back then, and reliable informations are very very hard to found. I will certainly publish a post with my various fountain pens and call for help, just like you !!


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