Retailer Display Set

Retailer Display Set
Ref. : R026999 [Partial]
Production Date : Circa 1990’s

This display set was produced by Rotring during the 1990’s to give the opportunity for the retailers to showcase Rotring products at their best. The main feature is an almost square (250 x 245 mm) thick transparent acrylic plate mounted on four metal feet and supporting an eight shelves drawer with an additional slot for small accessories. The feet and the drawer holder are made of thick brushed aluminium, while the drawer is built in plastic with a soft grey felt housing the pens. This set was not designed specifically for the 600 line and can house a variety of pens. I’ve pictured it with some of my 600 leadholders as I know they are popular.

With this piece came two brushed aluminium cylinders with a groove on the top for displaying a pen. Also included is a device designed for housing four pens. It has two very thick acrylic plates joined together with aluminium axis and have a very big holed cylinder, mimicking the typical 600’s knurled grip. The device appears in one of my catalogs, and was clearly designed for the 600 series. It bear a serial number R026999 and may be it was aimed at the general public because the catalog has a retail price for it (135 Deutsch Marks), but this catalog was intended to professionals, so I’m not sure about that. The holed cylinder is to be filled with ink cartridges (see scan of the catalog page at the end of the post).

Although I’ve buy these pieces as one lot, I’m not sure that they were bundled together in the 1990’s. Anyway this make a very impressive set, and of course a perfect one for displaying my 600 collection.















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