Rapidograph Demonstrator

Rapidograph Demonstrator
Ref. : No Ref.
Production Date : 1963

The Rotring Radiograph was introduced in 1953, and was the first « true » technical pen in the Rotring line. In 1958, along with the launch of the Variant / Varioscript line, the Rapidograph nibs size system was at last normalized in clearly identifiable type (0.2, 0.3, 0.4 mm, etc.). According to Rotring’s publicity, in 1963, they launched a new type of nib the « VL », supposed to last 30 time longer than the previous one. It was the last fitted on the original Rapidograph, and the one we are dealing with in this post.

I won’t go into much detail about the different original Rapidograph production batch. I’m planing a massive serie of post dealing with Rotring technical pens production (from 1953 to today – more than 300 unique pen). It’s quite a body of work, and you will find every details when published.

This particular Demonstrator is a true rarity and a very instructive one. Its purpose is to show all the internal details of the construction / design of the pen. I don’t think it was sold to the general public, much likely reserved for dealers display, although I can’t be affirmative. Every parts is made of transparent plastic (which are a nightmare to photograph) that allows to see every pieces of the pen. This pen is in truly amazing mint condition, never been inked and is one the highlight of my collection.

Rapidograph Demonstrator-A

Rapidograph Demonstrator-B

Rapidograph Demonstrator-C

Rapidograph Demonstrator-D

Rapidograph Demonstrator-E

Rapidograph Demonstrator-F

Rapidograph Demonstrator-G

Rapidograph Demonstrator-H

Rapidograph Demonstrator-I

Rapidograph Demonstrator-J

Rapidograph Demonstrator-K

Rapidograph Demonstrator-L

Rapidograph Demonstrator-M


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