Ref. : 520 200
Production Date : Mid to late 1970’s

Rotring as always been known for his serious and very technical products, but sometime during the late 1970’s something went wrong! The Rotring Yello is a very strange product. Basically it’s a drawing board… but for the kids. It consist of a plastic frame with a roll of paper attached at the top. The paper is hold at the bottom by sliding into a slot, and thus can be replace when needed. The paper roll is blocked in place by a rotating handle bearing the Rotring logo. This is certainly the most easy to use Rotring product and it was aimed principally at the children market as the picture on the front of the packaging suggest.

The frame is 29,7 x 40 cm and is built in quite solid orange plastic, the handle being much more fragile I think. The cardboard packaging is quite smart as it mimic the triangular shape of the board. This device is very easy to operate but it is something like an enigma to me, and I have trouble seeing the real interest of this stuff.

On the bottom of the packaging (the green side), Rotring seems to remember its technical DNA and suggest that the Yello can also be useful to the professional drafter. Just for the look of the guy pictured on the background, I have to buy this one : yellow shirt, black waistcoat, improbable haircut and a mustache… you can almost hear an old Abba song playing in the background!

Anyway I had to share this curiosity has it is quite a surprising Rotring item.










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