Blankograph Ref. : Unknown Production Date : Mid to late 1950’s The Blankograph is a rare and hard to find Rotring technical pen. It was produced in the mid to late 1950’s, as the initial Rapidograph line was launched. Both are identical in size, diameter, and so on. They share the same piston filling mechanism, body, clip and cap, although the Blankograph very end of the cap is ivory white with a small star printed on. The nib is also very similar to the Rapidograph one, except that it comes in transparent plastic rather than the usual black. The nib screw-thread is fully compatible with the Rapidograph one. There is no nib size indication and to my knowledge only one size was ever produced. The produced line should be equivalent to 0.3 / 0.4 mm. These pens were launched as a drawing instrument for different materials like glass, leather, metal and wood – and specifically designed for using only white ink. This is clearly stated in the instruction leaflet which is pictured at the end of the post. The German word « Blank » (not the same « Blank » as in English) means « Bright » or «Clear» in English. I don’t see much design features that shows that the Blankograph must be used strictly with white ink, except for the transparent nib. At least two different models were produced. One with a full black body, the other one’s got a yellow transparent plastic mid-section as pictured. This semi-transparent one also got a special mention stamped on the body « Importé d’Allemagne » which is in French and means « Imported from Germany ». My two Blankograph came in the standard 1950’s Rotring cardboard box, but with no reference number, and I doubt they are the original ones. There is a splendid black cardboard box that can be seen here : But unfortunately it was sold long time ago so I have no options to pictured it. As usual, if someone has more information about these pens, I would be grateful to hear from him! Thanks to JF Winter for the English proofreading. Blankograph-A Blankograph-B Blankograph-C Blankograph-D Blankograph-E Blankograph-F Blankograph-G Blankograph-H Blankograph-I Blankograph-J Blankograph-K Blankograph-L Blankograph-M Blankograph-N Blankograph-O Blankograph-P Blankograph-Q


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  1. Hi Olivier,

    Me again! I’ve just won a used Blankograph from eBay, looks like it’s in good condition although the last owner has used blue ink in it so I’ll try and clean it out as best I can.

    It has the instruction leaflet but no box and the white cap is missing the gold star, I think the gold must have worm off, hopefully I can use gold leaf to restore the star.




    • Pen arrived today, very nice condition, shame it didn’t come with a box. Looking on Google it seems a lot of Blankographs don’t have the gold star on the pen cap, maybe this was changed at some point?



      • You can see on my post that some Blankograph came with gold star on cap with brass platted clip and some with silver star with silver platted clip. Rotring didn’t published a lot of documentation concerning the Blankograph, in fact I have almost no documentation about this pen, so it’s hard to be affirmative on that subject


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