My Rotring 600 leadholder collection

My Rotring 600 leadholder collection
Ref. :
Production Date : 1989 to present

Here’s a short post about my Rotring 600 leadholder collection. There’s already a lot of reviews regarding the 600 line, so I won’t go into a detailed notice. Some very good ones can be found here :

The thing I’m very happy with is that (to my knowledge) I’ve got every nib sizes that are (were) available : 0.3 – 0.35 – 0.5 – 0.7 – 0.9 – 1.0 – 2.0 mm. They came from different batch of productions and have small differences between them but the full line is quite impressive. The definitive story of the Rotring 600 still needs to be written, but it’s an overwhelming and quite frankly frightening task as they were a lot production batches, mix and match between the batches (and the country they were destined to) and Rotring does’nt clearly documented these changes. I’m working on it but there’s stil big gap in my work, and unknown models seems to pop-up every time I think I’m ok on a particular year or model.
So, to be continued…

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7 réflexions sur “My Rotring 600 leadholder collection

    • Well from what I know, nobodys knows for sure. There were 4 people who worked at Rotring at the time, but the person responsible for the design or sketch is not known. It is probably a team design


      • Olivier,

        Can you investigate the « half-click » and « tip play » problem of the current 800 model? I mean, Mike Dudek reviewed an older model (closed eraser cap – 2013) and he didn’t noticed any problem. But the newer ones he complained about these problems, the same I’m having with my current 800 model…


      • I won’t be of any help on that topic because my 800’s are older models and don’t have these issues. I don’t plan to buy the current models at the moment.


  1. I have a rotring 300 2 mm. It’s too light for my taste, so I bought a rotring 600. It’s great, but inexplicably not have sharpener. A weak point.


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