Stamp Pen

Stamp Pen
Ref. : Unknow
Production Date : 1960’s

Here is a strange and quite unusual rollerball pen. It’s a classic late 1960’s Rotring offering but the unusual part lies inside the pen. When you remove the top tube with the clip, you discover a small rotating metal plate fitted with an inked rubber stamp. This stamp was meant for companies to place their logo, address or any message they wanted to print. I guess that Rotring produced tailored made stamp for companies to personalize their pens.

I have very few informations on this particular pen. I’ve got it from a large lot and he seller have very little to says about it except that it dates back to the late sixties. The actual message on the stamp can be roughly translated as to :
Rotring stamping pen / 28 Deutsch Mark each for 25 pieces / Ask for our quote.

The pen is build in aluminium except for the red barrel which comes in plastic. At least two colors have existed [Red & black] as pictured in the first image. If someone have more informations on this strange item, please let me know…

Thanks to JF Winter and Andy for their help translating the German sentences!

Stamp Pen-A

Stamp Pen-B

Stamp Pen-C

Stamp Pen-D

Stamp Pen-E

Stamp Pen-F

Stamp Pen-G


3 réflexions sur “Stamp Pen

  1. Une traduction approximative du « Fordern Sie unser Angebot an » est « Ask for our quote ». « Stück » est une partie de la dernier phrase, « DM 28,–/Stück » = « DM 28,– per piece »


  2. I remember this kind of pen (I had a similar one in the late 1970s). Could it be possible that they weren’t made not by Rotring but by an OEM specialized in promotional material?


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