Ref. : 1176
Production Date : Early / Mid 1960’s

After the pen cleaning unit, here’s another iconic Rotring design from the 1960’s . In the early 1960’s the freshly launched Variant / Varioscript line met a huge success. The pens were efficient, reliable and available in a lot of different nib sizes. However, they had a major drawback : whenever they were left unused for several days, the ink tended to dry inside the nibs and clogged the internal mechanism. The solution was either to clean the pens frequently or to keep them wet. The Rapidomat was a plastic case holding 4 pens (an additional slot was for the humidity gauge). It consisted of a water tank with a sponge-like tissue wrapping inside the tank. You just filled the tank with water (preferably distilled water), then plugged your Variant in the slot. The Rapidomat then kept it wet for days (provided the water gauge was checked from time to time). This highly futuristic item (for the 1960’s) was really a sound design and is now a classic. Rotring also offered an 8-slot Rapidomat that I will cover in a future post. Every draftsman over 40 years has seen at least one of them (an has been quite puzzled the first time). Rotring developed several different Rapidomat designs during the 1970 ’s and 1980’s ; They will also be the subject of future posts. As a bonus, I’ve added some pictures of a typical early 1960 ’s draftsman drawing board with a lot of Rotring tools of that era.

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