Rotring 700

Fountain-Pen [EF nib] – Ref. : R 027 100 0
Fountain-Pen [F nib] – Ref. : R 027 101 0
Fountain-Pen [M nib] – Ref. : R027 102 0
Fountain-Pen [B nib] – Ref. : R 027 104 0
Rollerball – Ref. : R 027 110 0
Lead-Holder [0.5 mm] – Ref. : R 027 155 0
Lead-Holder [0.7 mm] – Ref. : R 027 157 0
Ballpoint – Ref. : R027 140 0

Spare Nib EF – Ref. : R 727 100
Spare Nib F – Ref. : R 727 101
Spare Nib M – Ref. : R 727 102
Spare Nib B – Ref. : R 727 103

The rotting 700 line was issued in the early 1990’s and consist of a 8 items. Four fountain-pens, two lead-holders and two ballpoint/rollerballs. It was discontinued shortly after 1998, when Sanford acquired Rotring. I will not go into a full review of the 700’s, this post will be mostly pictured-oriented. The design is very thin, quite elegant and the entire line is made from brass, with a black satin finish overlapping the metal. The clip is a very complex design which reminds me of the old Rotring Drop-Bow Compass [Ref. : 532 116]. See last picture of this post. According to some sources, the design is very similar to a Montblanc CS fountain-pen. I’m not much into fountain-pens but from what I saw online, there’s some similarity in the general design, the clip being very different. The book Lambrou’s Fountain Pens of the World, says that in 1982, Rotring acquired from Mont Blanc the tooling for the CS line, and used that tooling to produce the 700. The 700’s are very comfortable to use, although a bit lightweight to me. The grip is good, reinforced by some very light rectangular holes stamped in the grip area. Both the 0.5 and 0.7 mm lead-holders have fully retractable tip and are a delight to use, very light tools, ideal for rapid sketching. The clip is the most elegant feature of these pens, but may be the more fragile too. Although full-metal, the shaft is very thin [and very long] and certainly is subject to be twist or bend quite easily. Anyway these pens doesn’t looked to be designed for rough outdoor experience, but rather will feel more comfortable on your desk. As a nice attention, there’s a very tiny « Rotring 700 » stamped in the metal just above the silver middle ring. I’ve just pictured the « M » nib fountain-pen.

Rotring 700-A

Rotring 700-B

Rotring 700-C

Rotring 700-D

Rotring 700-E

Rotring 700-F

Rotring 700-G

Rotring 700-H

Rotring 700-I

Rotring 700-J

Rotring 700-K


7 réflexions sur “Rotring 700

  1. Olivier, votre travail de recherche, votre investissement personnel sont remarquables et remarqués par les amoureux de la marque. Je suis collectionneur généraliste d’instruments d’écriture, avec une faiblesse pour les Rotring 600. Je pourrais vous aider à amener votre anglais, déjà excellent, au standard international, et vous mettre sous les yeux des photos de goodies Rotring que vous ne connaissez peut être pas encore. Bien cordialement.


  2. Thank you for your great weblog! Although I am mainly interested in mechanical pencils and leadholders from Rotring I am amazed by your presentation of the other Rotring products – your photos are stunning, and the information you provide is very detailed. I will follow your blog with great interest!


    • Hi Gunther, Thanks for the kind words, it’s very nice to have some feedback from readers. I’ve checked your blog, and it’s a very impressive body of work, unfortunately I can only watch the pictures, I can’t read german…


      • Your weblog deserves the praise! Again, your photos are impressive. Are you planning to talk about your photo setup someday? I always try to improve my photographic skills so I would be happy to learn more. – Thank you for your kind words regarding my blog! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

        How can I contact you? I have something that could be of interest for you. No, I don’t want to sell something 😉


  3. What a gorgeous collection. Congratulations, Olivier! I got started with the rOtring 600 and then later learned about the 700 quite by chance. Thanks to eBay I managed to buy the fountain pen model in a couple of nib sizes, and then had one stubbed. I’ve also got a Montblanc Noblesse and the nib section is practically identical to the 700 (so it’s easy to see the DNA). I wish rOtring had made these for a longer time so there would be more inventory possible to buy (at better prices). I did get the ballpoint and have to say that I truly love it. One of the most architecturally influenced pens around – the design is so appealing. I sure wish I could get the whole collection like you, Olivier. Who knows, maybe it will happen eventually, one pen at a time. 😉


    • Hi Gary, thanks for your interest in my blog. The Rotring 700 is indeed a very nice and beautiful line of tools. More lightweight than the 600, the lead holders are the perfect tool for outdoor sketching and « in the field » drawing. I’m actually on the track of 700’s prototypes but can’t tell more for now… Stay tuned!


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