Rapidograph Display Case

Rapidograph Display Case

Ref. : No ref.

Production Date : Circa 1968

I recently stumbled upon this display case in an old closing-down office furniture shop. After browsing through stack of 0.35 Isograph and others common items like that, the shop-keeper told me he’s got something that may interest me. Returning from his basement he showed me that incredible piece. I think my heart stop for a few second… Call it mint, factory fresh, brand new old stock or whatever you like this display case is absolutely faultless. Everything from the wood, the protective glass, the locker and all the items inside, everything is just brand new, untouched, a perfect time-capsule from the early 1960’s. The guy couldn’t tell me much informations about it as he don’t remember much from it, except that he confirm that it should date from the early 1960’s. I suspect it was issued around 1968, when Rotring launched his new Variant / Varioscript lines and was selling an updated version of their 1953’s Rapidograph with standardized nib sizes. Anyway the size and shapes of the shelves leaves no doubt about their final use. The shop-keeper knows his job and doesn’t leave this stuff for cheap money, but how could I resist… Another stunning item from the Rotring production of the 1960’s!

Coffret Rapido-A

Coffret Rapido-B

Coffret Rapido-C

Coffret Rapido-D

Coffret Rapido-E

Coffret Rapido-F

Coffret Rapido-G

Coffret Rapido-H

Coffret Rapido-I

Coffret Rapido-J


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