Giant Rotring Variant

Giant Rotring Variant

Ref. : No ref.

Production Date : Mid/Late 1960’s

There was a time when dinosaurs walked the earth and school bus sized dragonfly could chew you in the blink of an eye. It is much less known but there was also a time when giant Rotring ruled the earth! I’ve found this « king-size » Rotring Variant, and it’s quite a thing. It measure 40 cm long and it’s very heavy (around 1kg). This is a perfect up-scaled replica of the Rotring Variant pen, with every parts in place. If it wasn’t for the cut-out, I bet it can draft! I’ve placed a real Variant beside so that you can see the size of this stuff. And yes, this is my hand holding it in the first picture, I swear there’s no Photoshop-ing here, it’s the real thing. I’ve got regular adult-sized hands, not big, not small, just the average Joe’s hands. This promotional item was given to retailler to advertise the Variant line and was not for sale. A tough to find item, but so cool hanging on my wall. By the way, there’s rumors that a giant Isograph have also existed… Stay tuned for update!

Giant Variant-A

Giant Variant-B

Giant Variant-C

Giant Variant-D

Giant Variant-E

Giant Variant-F

Giant Variant-G

Giant Variant-H


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