Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil

Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil

Ref. : Unknown

Production Date : Late 1970’s

A box of 10 Primus PS 2 Clutch Pencil. It is contemporary to the Primus Technical pens line [see here]. The box bear the same design and displays the unmodified 1960 / 1970’s Rotring logo. It also display some typical tools of that time (the compass is particularly revenant). The clutch pencil in itself is a simple quality built. The yellow plastic is quite thick and doesn’t come cheap. The pencil is light in hand but very pleasant to use. The grip is comfortable and the lead is strongly held in place. The push-button include a lead-sharpener. The 505 001 reference number is for the 10 pieces-box not for the pencil itself. It has been designed as a companion to the Primus line, but the quality of the pencil is good enough for Rotring to keep it in their catalog up to the 1990’s. They did however change the available colors to some more serious black, white and wine red. The « HB » mark is printed directly on the barrel. I’ve also got a nice turquoise PS2 (not pictured) with « 2H » printed on the barrel. A « H » orange model also exist [see here]. I don’t know how many color variations have existed but everything seems to indicate that Rotring gave a color code to lead hardness. If anyone’s got infos about that… Please let me know!

Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil-3

Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil-1

Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil-2

Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil-4

Primus PS2 Clutch Pencil-5


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