Magnifying glass


Ref. : 5110

Production Date : Mid 1960’s

Produced during the 1960’s this small device can be fitted on the body of a Variant pen an act as a magnifying glass. It is made of plastic and got no screw thread, you just pull the barrel inside. The zoom factor is not indicated but I’ve picture the magnifying glass in action. It’s not very easy to capture but I think you can have a good idea of how this stuff works. I estimate the zoom factor around x3, x4. I have not tested this device for a long time and I can says that it works pretty well but the pen became a bit unsteady which can be a disadvantage if you used it for a long period.

5110 Luppe-A

5110 Luppe-B

5110 Luppe-C

5110 Luppe-D

5110 Luppe-E

5110 Luppe-F


3 réflexions sur “Magnifying glass

  1. Oh la la! 🙂
    This is truly nice. I have seen these sorts of magnifying lenses in only one other case: a German company named Haff produces a similar item for its pricker (the pricker, or « Kopierhalter » in German, is basically a steel needle with a metal handle, used in cartography, topography &c.), but in this case the lens has a metal frame and a screw to be secured to the pricker, possibly sliding along the handle, to focus on different points and/or magnify more or less the map underneath. I really thought Haff was the only company producing such device, and instead here rOtring crops up again…
    Simply amazing. 🙂
    ~Grigorij H. Otto


      • I agree, we have more efficient ways to sort such things out today. Still, the design and quality of the invention, and the care for the tiniest details make this object a great example of what companies like rOtring could do in their « golden age ».
        Once again, congratulations on your collection, it is impressive (and I am looking forward to reading more posts about it).
        ~Grigorij H. Otto


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