1310 – 2.0 mm Clutch Pencil

2.0 mm Clutch Pencil

Ref. : 1310

Production Date : Late 1960’s

I have not been able to give a production date to this item. It does not appears on the catalogs I’ve got. All I can says it’s that it was not produced in 1966 and was discarded in 1980, so the truth must lie in beetween those dates. It’s a very nice 155 mm long pencil. The built quality is second to none, it’s perfectly balanced, much lightweight than the 600 clutch-pencil, and I must says that I use it on a daily basis since I’ve purchase it. The body is made of very hard high-quality plastic and the rest of the parts is various metal. There’s no sharpener inside the push-button. It came with 3 small plastic ring to show the type of lead you’re using. You can see there’s a very large range of type from 10H to 3B. This pencil does not shows up very often but if you can find one I warmly recommended it.

1310-2.0mm Clutch Pencil-A

1310-2.0mm Clutch Pencil-B

1310-2.0mm Clutch Pencil-C

1310-2.0mm Clutch Pencil-D


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