1305 – 2.0 mm Clutch Pencil

2.0 mm Clutch Pencil

Ref. : 1305

Production Date : Late 1960’s

Pretty much the same pencil as the 1310 (see post above). The size, weight, materials are similar. The only difference is the internal mechanism which is a bit different and the hollowed push-button. I can’t figure out the purpose of this hole as it does not interfere with the push mechanism. The 1305 number suggest that it was a cheaper version but I can’t confirm this. If you can lay your hands on one copy of this one I also recommended it, you won’t see very much differences with a 1310.

1305-2.0mm Clutch Pencil-A

1305-2.0mm Clutch Pencil-B


2 réflexions sur “1305 – 2.0 mm Clutch Pencil

  1. Great Blog! This model is one I picked up a few months back. The sliding element inside the hollow top allows you to set the amount of lead that is pushed out with each click of the top. A lovely faeture if you use it a lot. Thanks for sharing these!


    • Hi Edd, thanks for the infos. I fully dismantle my 1305 and found out why the device doesn’t work. The sliding element is slightly twisted and can’t perform well. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve got the tools and skills to fix it. Thanks for your interest in my blog, and keep watching… Some good update coming next week!!


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