Art Pencil – 2 mm Clutch Pencil

Art Pencil – 2 mm Clutch Pencil

Ref. : 250 300

Production Date : Circa 1980’s

The Art Pen range is well known, but there is more room in this line of products for some unusual items. The 2 mm Art Pencil is one of the best clutch pencil available (if you can find one). It got the same design and elements as a regular Art Pen, but the end of the barrel got a push button with visible spring to move the lead. On the other end of the pencil, the nib has been modified to adapt a standard 3 claws lead sleeve.

The pencil got no included sharpener, so Rotring produced a separate sharpener described in the post below. My pencil come with the full retail box, which is not in very good condition. The transparent plastic has yellowed and it got several minor scratches, but considering the rarity to this pencil, I was quite happy with my buy.








3 réflexions sur “Art Pencil – 2 mm Clutch Pencil

  1. I have a confession to make. I looked for this pencil for quite some time, and I got one eventually, thanks to a bizarre combination of events (yet another ebay-related story). I was truly happy when I received the package, and immediately started to play around with my Art Pencil.
    It is surely a fine tool, and a very peculiar writing device, with excellent balance and well-designed grip. Yet, in my hands, it feels a bit too bulky, too long, too thick. A pencil so « larger than life » that I cannot tame it completely. While it seems ideal for sketching and, of course, artistic expressions (not something I have a talent for), it does not make me tick when I take notes or work at the drafting board, even though I think I ought to give it much more than a second chance.
    So, I still have to find a way to deeply connect with the Art Pencil, and make it work in my daily routine — something similar happens with the Extra-Fine nib Art Pen, but there the situation is better.
    Any usage tips to share? I would really love to love the pencil as it deserves to be loved, but for the moment I am still in the middle of a « complicated relationship » with it, and other pencils have taken its seat in my heart…
    [Please do not hate me for this: I really care for my Art Pencil. :-)]
    ~Grigorij H. Otto


      • You are definitely right. 🙂
        As a first move, I decided to store my EDC pencils in two separate containers: an ‘art-related box’ and a ‘drafting-related box’. The former hosts the Rotring Art Pencil and other non-drafting leadholders/lead mines, plus stuff I use for non-technical usage, whereas the latter bag focusses on mechanical pencils and precision equipment.
        The rOtring 600 is a great choice for the daily routine (the 0.5 pencil works flawlessly), even though sometimes I switch to a lighter rOtring 500 (also in 0.5 size, very reliable); for other tasks I got a Rapid Pro (2 mm version, rapidly getting attached to it) and a rOtring 300 (also 2 mm, lightweight and resilient).
        By reading your posts, however, I discovered there are a lot of other types of rOtring pencils I currently lack in my stock. I will have to fill in the blanks, one day or another. 🙂


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