Ref. : 255 016

Production Date : Circa 1980’s

A very useful circle cutter. It can be operate freehand with his barrel mounted on or used on any device that matches the Rotring mount system. The blade is very sharp and produce clean cuts.255 016-A

255 016-B

255 016-C

255 016-D

255 016-E


3 réflexions sur “Schneidm.+Schaft

  1. I’m really glad I found this blog: excellent content paying homage to a very fine brand.
    By looking at the pictures, it came to my mind that I have a similar item (code: R 538 231 — « Messereinsatz/Cutter insert »); mine, however, comes in a rectangular box, without any plastic handle, and indeed lacks the metal attachment for the handle itself, so I can only lock it to a compass leg; the tip and the milled/knurled grips look instead identical.
    I’m looking forward to reading new posts from you about the many gems from rOtring. Also, rest assured I’ll now track back all your posts and leave some more comments below the stuff I’ll find more interesting. 🙂
    Happy collecting!
    ~Grigorij H. Otto


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