Rotring 1300

Rotring 1300 – 6.0mm

Ref. : 1360

Production Date : Unknow – Circa Late 1950’s / Early 1960’s

The Rotring 1300 serie is truly a rarity. It doesn’t shows up very often and if so at very high price. The line contains 4 models with very large nib sizes : 1.5mm – 2.5mm – 4.0mm – 6.0mm. I’ve made no mistake the biggest ones are really 4 and 6mm wide (not 0.4 or 0.6) ! The design is based on the first Rapidograph generation and it’s a piston filling system. The pen still look like a classic fountain pen as well as the first generation Rapidographs. Rotring described them as « indian ink fountain pen for writing poster with elastic merlon bristles top ». The pen is almost non-removable. Only the end of the barrel can be moved to refill it. I was unable to unscrew the nib, so I can say much about the internal mechanism. I’ve got the 2.5 mm and 6.0mm pens so the reference  can be deducted for the complete line :

Rotring 1300 / 1.5 mm – Ref. : 1315

Rotring 1300 / 2.5 mm – Ref. : 1325

Rotring 1300 / 4.0 mm – Ref. : 1340

Rotring 1300 / 6.0 mm – Ref. : 1360

The instruction sheet is very comprehensive about the filling and maintenance of the pen, but says little about its use and the result it gave. The back of the instructions is even more instructive. It shows the Rotring 1400 line. Basically it’s the same nib but the piston filling system has been replace by cartridge system. The cap and nib-holder looks much more like an early Variant model, which give the pen a much more modern look. More on the 1400 line later, because i’m waiting for some 1400 to reach me.

I’ve not tried the 1300, my two pens are in pristine conditions with original boxes, so I don ’t want to ruin them. I’m not very confortable with piston-filling system ! However I think i’ll give a try to the 1400 when I received them, and I’ll definitely post a test of these pens.









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