Primus Set

Primus Set

Ref. : 160 852

Production Date : Unknow – Circa Late 1970’s / 1980’s

The Rotring Primus pen were entry line technical pens aimed at the student / school market. Although of good quality, the pen feels much lighter and skinnier than a regular Isograph/Rapidograph. The nib is very similar to a Variant one and the pen is feed via a pre-filled cartridge system. There is 4 nibs size in this box : 0.25 – 0.35 – 0.5 and 0.7mm. I haven’t found any other nib size for this line of pens. The number on the barrel of the pens (N°I, II, III, IV) suggest that there were no intermediate sizes. It also exist a 2-pen set box.

Despite its targeted audience the boxed-set is very comprehensive. It contains some spare cartridge, a « Rapidomat » type humidifier storage, 2 attachment tools (for compass and writing). The end of the barrel serve as a nib-remover. I guess the red nib-remover tool was added by somebody because it didn’t fit the Primus nib. Same for the ink bottle because the Primus cartridges are non-refillable.

Two instructions sheets were provided : one for the « Rapidomat » storage system, and one for the general use of the pens. The cartoon design of this later clearly demonstrate the target for these pens. I haven’t filled the pens to test how they work as the box I got is really in pristine condition, which is quite rare with the Primus, as they were regularly mistreated and doesn’t shows up in such good conditions very often.

160 852 Primus Set-A

160 852 Primus Set-B

160 852 Primus Set-C

160 852 Primus Set-D

160 852 Primus Set-E

160 852 Primus Set-F

160 852 Primus Set-G

160 852 Primus Set-H

160 852 Primus Set-I

160 852 Primus Set-J

160 852 Primus Set-K

160 852 Primus Set-L

160 852 Primus Set-M

160 852 Primus Set-N

160 852 Primus Set-O


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