Parallel Compass

Parallel Compass

Ref. : 532 103

Production Date : Circa 1980’s

This is a quite rare compass. In fact I’ve never seen such a compass before – even made by other brands than Rotring. It is built in high-gloss brass, chromium plated and is very sturdy construction. The compass operate in a « parallel-motion » which mean that the needle and the lead are always stricly perpendicular to the drawing sheet. The illustration on the back of the box is very clear on that point. It is particularly useful with Rapidograph pens that need to be as perpendicular to the paper as possible to get the best results. The compass can be fitted with leads, pens, and circle cutter. It can draw circle up to 420 mm. I’m not sure about the purpose of the 2 little screws on the arms of the compass, because even when screwed thight they doesn’t block the arms and you can still operate them. A very singular, beautiful and unique compass. In the box there is also a small brochure with very instructive pictures on the Rotring range of tools.

532 103 - Parallel Compas A

532 103 - Parallel Compas B

532 103 - Parallel Compas C

532 103 - Parallel Compas D

532 103 - Parallel Compas E

532 103 - Parallel Compas F

532 103 - Parallel Compas G

532 103 - Parallel Compas H

532 103 - Parallel Compas I

532 103 - Parallel Compas J

532 103 - Parallel Compas K

532 103 - Parallel Compas L

532 103 - Parallel Compas M

532 103 - Parallel Compas N

532 103 - Parallel Compas O

532 103 - Parallel Compas P


4 réflexions sur “Parallel Compass

  1. I used to have one of these in a set with an extending arm but it got stolen around 1979. I would like to find another one day. i think that the side screws which you refer to were to allow each arm to extend. When used with the bar it had a great radius.


      • I think my one was different in fact. It did not have a parallel motion but had simple arms with lower parts that could be removed and replaced with various attachments for pencil, rotring pen or extending bar. I have a picture but cannot see how to attach it. How can your compass do a 420mm diameter circle? It does not look like the radius could be 210mm.


      • Well as stated on the back of the box, tho compass can do a 420 mm diameter circle. In fact the maximum radius I can reach when fully open is 223mm, but the compass is then so much extended that it’s not very easy to draw a clean circle…


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