Beam Compass

Beam Compass

Ref. : 531 100

Production Date : Circa 1980’s

After the parallel compass, here’s another unusual compass. A very large beam-compass. It consist of 2 stiff aluminium beam (33 cm long) hold together by a specially designed plastic piece. I was able to draw circle up to 61 cm in diameter. The plastic junction piece seems a bit light at first sight, but it is really cleverly designer and the beams are firmly hold in place and they don’t work loose when you’re drawing. The pieces that holds the needle and drafting tools are also made in plastic and are very precise. They move along the beam thanks to a notched wheel that is really easy to adjust. They also held firmly in place when set. This set come with a line-drawer, a lead-holder and of course a needle. Also included is a 0.5mm lead-holder pencil that fits on all Rotring compass + an Isograph attachment tool. A little tube with one spare needle and 2 spare leads is provided too. Although you don’t use this tool everyday, this is again a very fine piece of drafting produced By Rotring.

531 100-A

531 100-B

531 100-C

531 100-D

531 100-E

531 100-F

531 100-G


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