Airbrush – Model E

Airbrush – Model E

Ref. : 255 004

Production Date : Early 80’s

I recently came upon this little gem. It’s not a very rare piece of the Rotring line, but it a bit scarce to find. It was produced during the early 80’s an the design is based upon the Conopois airbrush. Conopois was produced by a British company named Connor Patents Ltd. Rotring bought a license to produced it up to the early 90’s. Anyway it’s a very fine piece of engineering. The built quality is top class. The airbrush feel very comfortable in hand. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully test mine. Everything is ok except for the very tip of the nozzle which is cracked. I plug it on my compressor (the recommended pressure is 2 bar), the air flow and the lever action is very smooth. Of course the spraying of paint was disastrous due to the cracked nozzle, so I can’t say much about his painting quality. The airbrush comes with a very instructive user manual. It describe the usual cleaning and maintenance operation as long as how to use the airbrush, but the real interesting thing is that it list the available accessories. We have :

Color reservoir Slot (ref. : 255 010)

Color reservoir Cup (ref. : 255 012)

Color reservoir Bowl (ref. : 255 014) – The one that came with my airbrush

0.2mm nozzle (ref. : 255 102)

0.4mm nozzle (ref. : 255 104)

0.2mm sprayhead (ref. : 255 052)

0.4mm sprayhead (ref. : 255 066)

Straightedge guide (ref. : 255 064) – This a guide that fits into the holes on the spray head to get straight lines.

Rotring also made a special airbrush cleaner fluid, but the reference is not on the manual.

If I can lay my hands on spare nozzle, I’ll post a review on the painting qualities of this airbrush.
























18 réflexions sur “Airbrush – Model E

  1. I also have found one of these. They looks so nice. Mine also have a cracked nozzle. Spray still ok, but not at best performance. Been trying to find replacement for the nozzle. Found this « »

    As far as I can tell, they do have the correct parts. But I fail to buy from them. They only seems to allow people from certain countries. There is a limited country list when you type in your address.

    Wish some one in Germany can help me buy a few of these nozzle.


  2. Hello there, I wonder whether you could help me out with a problem I have with one of the same airbrushes. It worked fine for many years, but suddenly one day the airflow cannot be stopped. Normally, the lever opens the airflow and releases the colour at the same time, but now the air keeps coming out continuously. Do you have any ideas as to why this might have happened? Best regards,


    • Hello Maurice, thanks for your feedback. It is of course difficult to diagnose your airbrush without inspecting it, but the first thing I’m thinking of is a damaged silicone seal. They are easy to replace if you find the good size. A cracked nozzle can also be the cause. This is easy to check just by removing the nose and fixing another one to the airbrush. If it’s not a seal or the nozzle, it can be more serious ( a twisted spring, a broken piece in the internal mechanism). Only a full inspection can reveal if there’s a broken piece in the airbrush. Hope it helps!


      • Thank you for your comments. The nozzle is fine and I have inspected most of the seals and springs and they are okay. The only place I have not been able to open yet (for lack of a suitable tool) is the section where the handle is screwed on where the air goes in (the part where Rotring and Made in Germany are written on each side). I guess when I do manage to open this section, I will find something broken inside. When I find out, I’ll let you know about it for the purposes of spreading the info in case someone else happens to come across the same problem. Till then.


  3. Hi, I never bought a new airbrush, — except a few cheap chinese for a Streetart Airbrush project, — I looked on Ebay and found several Efbe and Grafo, Aerograph Super63, that I restored with new needles and nozzles. But during that time I sometimes seen a vintage Rotering for sale, still brfotr I found this discussion, I thought it wa impossible to find spares. Esp I been vorried about Nozzles. I wonder if it is an option for me to buy one when I see one again, for finer work. I do streetart, huge pieces, and before painting in the streets, I allway’s make a canvas with the motif and if that work, as I allway’s do it as Vector drawings, I can plot the Stencils any size. But I need a realy fine Airbrush, « fine » in the sense of hairline lines _and_ wider strokes by the same brush, there this seem to be able. Thank’s for the information.


    • Hi Percorell
      Thanks for your interest. For really fine airbrush works, I would recommend buying a more modern airbrush. Rotring’s airbrush are really fine but they are out of production for a long time now, and finding spare parts is really challenging. One of the top modern airbrush brand is Harder & Steenbeck. These are German airbrush and definitely one the bests


  4. Hi, thank’s for your ansver. While looking for a Rotering and following one auction on Ebay, I came across another auction with two Vintage Conopois Airbrushes. I won the auction and got a lovely set of two brushes and the compressor they were used with, from the start. These are even older than the Rotring, they are considered collectors items, but had just one previous owner who realy taken care of them, and had them for near 30 years. It turn out they are hand made, and forrunner for the Rotering that bought the rights for the design and made their own version. Only sad that the Rotering are named Conopois / Rotring, while I thought this mean that parts would be interchangeable, — they are not. In fact Rotring changed the design to the extents. Nozzle in Rotring are lose, in Conopois it is treaden. Just one of the major differences. But that also mean that even spareparts like nozzles realy can be found for the Rotring , — before I know the difference I found several, in fact H&S offer them — but with the Conopois some of those owning one, found that the nozzle for the Iwata will fit. — Guess this is how to keep Vintage airbrushes working, you must be quite innovative. My only problem at the moment with these two, as new original Conopois airbrushes, are the air line tread. — It is not today’s standard fitting. I have one air line that is on the compressor but must unscrew every time I use the other airbrush that has a slightly different spray pattern ; remember these Conopois are hand made and this mean that each brush are a little different from others. I use them only with Inks and Dyes as they was supposed to, — Like the old Aerograph Super63 that also work best with these, Schminke still offer a « Diaphoto Lasur farbe » that work smooth with old airbrushes but work only on paper. I have other airbrushes for the modern heavy pigmented Acrylics and have rebuild my two Aerograph with high flow nozzles to deal with that, as the narrow original aircap on Super63 are the main caurse for a serious tip dry.— I think those who invest in Vintage airbrushes often forget these facts ; you can’t just find spare parts and you should consider what paints they was made for.


  5. Hi just found this along with a picture of the said airbrush ,wich is sitting at the sum of 40 pound ,im going to pu in a bid ,one other thing you might be able to help me with is i have owned a rotring 63 for many years 20 maybee longer ,it has had a needle problem from the frst day i used it , i tested this theory out by putting in a smaller needle from another brush ,it worked great , it puts some airbrushes iv bhought in the last ten years to shame wen it comes to price , i only just found out ,that i can get a needle for the 63, i just dnt no where from ,if you can help i would appreciate it thanks mark also before i go ,i want to put a paint through this 63 , i no the nozzles are bad for tip dry , but luckily i can get a hold of a machine ,lathe ,and the person who uses it , im thinking of experimenting with this airbrush , if you have any tips i would appreciate them ,im using eurathenes and acrylics ,i am messing about with a cheap hansa airbrush at the moment made from about 4 dffrnt airbrushes for shooting candy consentrate for an effect i call skycoating,i have used it on motorcycles ,helmets canvas i havent found a material i can’t use it on as long as i stick to drying times for each material ,wich i have got on top off for each one , pity i cant put a pic in , anyway any help would be appreciated ,thanks again mark ,


  6. Hello Again!
    I have found and fixed the problem I had regarding the airflow. As it happens, it was a very small gasket or silicon seal as you predicted when I contacted you with my query. This gasket is placed at the end of a silicone/plastic plug which is pushed outwards by the spring inside the air shaft. As I could not find a suitable seal or gasket, I made myself one out of a flat rubber band, which is just a little bit thicker than it should be but so far it seems to be working fine.
    I have photographed the parts to show those interested, but there seems to be no way of uploading pictures here. Let me know if you would like me to send it to you so that you can post it.


    • Hi Maurice, sorry for replying so late… The seals are indeed generally the problem with airbrush. you can’t post directly on my blog, but if you send me pictures, I will gladly post them on your comment.
      All The Best


  7. Hello again again

    You forgot a real classic from Rotring – namely Rotring « Graphos » it with loose ends.

    And you can also remember Rotring « Artist Color » that could be used to airbrush.
    They never see for sale on Ebay …

    Best regards


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